Reduce your cost is our goal


Logistics and distribution are at the core of the business; shipping raw materials to where they can be refined or processed and then used or transported to areas where there is a deficit.

Mellon Group has partnered with many service provider to build up a transportation network covering most part of Asia. With us, you can always have the hassle-free, fast and cost efficient and shipping. Whatever you need, whenever you need, Mellon Group will always deliver to your warehouse on time.


Commodity and Energy firms use complex networks of onshore terminals, storage tanks, blending facilities and pipelines. These bulk logistical facilities take raw materials from ships, storing and delivering it to the refinery or end users at the right time. Similarly, they store and blend refined product to create the exact specifications required in certain markets before transporting it on to the end customer.

Mellon Group invests in a number of ventures providing terminal and storage facilities globally. Especially in China, we invested in storage near by harbour, railway, and also partnered with local government to build infrastructure better serving our clients.

Our warehouses meet highest security standard, and are using advanced technology to ensure performance. You don't have to line up outside our warehouse to wait for your goods. We make your goods wait for you.