Distribution network covering US and China

We have our premium distributors in San Francisco, Los Angles, New York and in US. Also in China, we have our presence in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and almost all big cities, covering 70% of the population in China.

With 92 percent of retailers selling online, 68 percent maintaining brick-and-mortar stores, and 64 percent utilizing catalogs, retailers are embracing a multi-channel approach to meet buyer expectations and battle for market share.

As E-commerce is redefining how some distribution centers do business. We are also developing our online channels. We find it more cost-effective to increase online logistics operations rather than build more traditional warehouse, which requires an entirely different kind of distribution model. Therefore, we are evolving our regional distribution networks with the addition of e-commerce distribution centers.

Although e-commerce distribution center is much more expensive than traditional warehouse, we find it worth the investment, as the efficiency and performance improvement it brings. Now we are even closer to our customer and distributors.