We care about your career development

When we’re recruiting we look for people who we believe will thrive in this environment, prioritizing quick thinking, passion and communication skills above specific qualifications. So whether you’re still at school, a recent graduate or have been working for a few years, if you’re excited about the potential of working at Mellon Group, we’re interested in hearing from you.

Team Work

At Mellon Group we talk a lot about teamwork, but what does that actually mean?

All our business units are made up of teams from different divisions, often working across multiple offices. Within those teams everyone has their own areas of expertise but the overall responsibility for the project is shared. For this to work all our people have to be able to work flexibly and collaboratively. This creates a flat organizational structure, where everyone’s point of view is valid (even the newest intern) and ideas can come from anywhere.

A culture of respect

We recognise and uphold the rights of our people to a safe workplace, freedom of association and collective representation, just compensation, job security and opportunities for development. We are committed to working honestly and openly with labour unions and treating our people with respect.

Now, if you are interesting in working in Mellon Group, please send us you resume: resume@mellongrp.com